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Wal Mart Issue-Encouraged By inattentive Cashier

In a scam that leveraged a little technology but relied on inattentive cashiers. The technology portion of the scam was quiet simple as they used to visit the retailer and purchase a low-priced item. The group would then scan the bar codes and simply print out duplicate bar codes. The accused-Michael Poor and Julie Marie Simmons and Dewey Howerton and Loura Howerton,would then go back to the store,tape the duplicate bar code on the higher priced item and purchase the more expensive item at the lower scanned rate.

One of the accused,would then try to return the item to the store by removing bogus tags for full purchase price. Instead of asking for cash they would often ask for gift cards. This was like an old game called Sticker-swapping,where we can easily peel off the old sticker and put it on a different product. This was just the next evolution of sticker swapping.

In this way the group of people used to deceive Wal Mart due to the inattentive cashier which encouraged the thieves. The barcode can be protected by laminating the barcode,if anybody will attempt to remove the lamination from barcode,the barcode will get destroyed. In this way we would be able to prevent such incidents which took place at Wal Mart.
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